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Why should your business have a Facebook Page?

  1. Because of the reach Facebook has…there are over 1 Billion users on Facebook worldwide (17 M in Canada alone-About 63 per cent of social media users say they read Facebook posts, tweets and/or LinkedIn updates every single day. Facebook remains far and away the most popular social network. About 63 per cent of surveyed Internet users and 93 per cent of social media users said they’re on Facebook. www.macleans.ca)
  2. It gives you the opportunity to engage with your clients…people buy from who they know…by engaging your audience you allow your customers to get to know you better.  Studies have shown that you need to interact with a potential client at least 7 times before they buy, this allows you to interact with them several times during the buying cycle. But remember to keep the tone relatively casual and helpful, try not to sell all the time.
  3. It helps with your Search Engine Optimization…Facebook Pages are indexed by search engines.  Comments, Likes, Sharing and Fan numbers are all value indicators and help your page rank well with search engines.  Facebook Pages also allow you to drive traffic to your website, by sharing information that you have there.
  4. Facebook is much more targeted…Facebook allows you to run ad programs that are more targeted than on any other platform.  Facebook Ads let you target…your existing customers, their friends, and/or potential customers by age, gender, location.
  5. It is well suited for mobile technology…Facebook has one of the most user friendly applications on mobile, and over 20% of mobile traffic last year was on Facebook.  Also, mobile phones have a lower barrier to entry than full size computers.
  6. It adds to your online credibility…Facebook business pages are fast becoming a credibility standard for online presence.  Your potential clients expect a credible business to have a Facebook presence, as much as they expect you to have a website.