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Facebook Timeline, Pages & Groups…what’s the Diff?

Social Media is becoming more complex, and requires some understanding of the different aspects and how it can be best used for your business.

As many people know, there are several ways to have a presence on Facebook.  But deciding which one is often the question.  Do you use a person, page, or group?  And what’s the diff?

1. Personal Timeline

When you sign up for Facebook, you are signed up as a person.  These personal profiles (Timelines) are to be used for individuals only.  You have a larger amount of privacy options, and you request people to be your “friend”. You update your profile with personal contact info, work info, likes, photos, etc.  As a person, you can send messages to one or many people from your mailbox, you can also chat instantly with your online friends.

The disadvantage to using a personal profile (Timeline) for your business versus a page is that you need to request people to be your friend.  And this allows you access to a lot more of their personal information.  Most people are aware of this and are not comfortable sharing this with a business.

2. Business Page

A Facebook Page allows organizations, businesses, celebrities and brands to communicate with their fans.  Limitations on a Page, is that you are unable to send personal messages from your business.  However, your profile is public and anyone can “like” your page.  People who “like” your page are called Fans.  When you post messages on your wall, your fans will receive the messages on their news feed.  You can create a customizable Facebook URL in order to share your page on your website.  You can also decide if you would like your fans to have the ability to post messages and photos on your wall, but remember Social Media is about being social.  So interaction and conversation is an important part of engaging your fans.

3. Group

Small amounts of people with common interests should use a Facebook Group.  You need to request from the administrator if you can join and become a meber. But once approved you have the ability to post and remove pictures, add documents and invite other friends.  Every time someone posts on the wall, members will be notified of this. However, Facebook Group’s are not searchable on search engines and you are unable to recommend them to your friends, which isn’t very good for promoting a business/brand.

A quick rundown on the different ways a person/business/group can have a presence on Facebook.  And the reasons on using the appropriate Facebook tool. Facebook has thought out these different tools quite well, so why not use them as they were intended?


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