Press Release: SMART Design Review Showcase enjoyed by all!

Points West Audio Visual Design Review Showcase
L: Local architects try out the SMART boards for themselves.
M: Attendees gather at Spider Agile/Dirtt Technologies to learn how SMART boards can increase productivity and engagement.
R: Tracey Cochrane, owner of Points West Audio Visual welcomes attendees to the interactive SMART Design Review Showcase.

For Immediate Release: SMART Boards technology impress a local audience of Architects, Engineers, Construction and Designers.

Teams can now collaborate more effectively and freely with larger displays, better resolution,
Unbound Workspace and personal software.

KELOWNA, BC – July 19, 2013 –Businesses in Kelowna continue to look for the latest technology to improve their business processes. SMART Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SMT) (TSX: SMA), a leading provider of visual collaboration solutions, recently came to Kelowna to present new SMART Board interactive flat panels and collaboration software that allow teams to experience a way of working together like never before.

Points West Audio Visual recently hosted a Design Review Session at the environmentally sustainable Spider Agile/Dirtt Technologies building on Fenwick Road.  Having the opportunity to bring this latest technology to the local design community, in such a technologically advanced location, was well received by all who attended. Representatives from SMART Technologies were on hand to demonstrate how SMART boards can improve productivity, engage team members, and integrate with personal software to Kelowna’s Architect, Engineering, Construction and Design community.

“As a Kelowna based boutique architectural firm, staying abreast of cutting edge technologies that improve the quality of service we provide to our Clients is vital for a company like Architecturally Distinct Solutions.  The most recent version of the SMART board proved not only cutting edge, but its robust integration with today’s design based applications and its unprecedented communication tools makes this product a must for any company committed to an environment of creative collaboration.” –Matt Johnston, President of Architecture

The positive response to this last event has prompted Points West Audio Visual to host future technology showcases.  Please contact them at if you would like to be informed of upcoming showcase dates.

Also in attendance was SICA (Southern Interior Construction Association), Total Education, Kramer, Bose, Primacoustic, and Chief, who helped support and present this event.


Points West Audio Visual Press Release

Stanford University Study Finds Strong Economic Advantages in Using SMART Collaboration Solutions

Points West Audio Visual’s – Design Review Showcase provides local Architects, Engineers, Construction & Design professionals an opportunity to see SMART collaboration solutions firsthand.

Kelowna, BC – July 10, 2013 – A research study conducted by the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) at Stanford University shows that using SMART collaboration solutions in construction and design companies can be easily justified as a good investment. The study provides examples of estimated net income increases of up to 20 percent and estimated paybacks on investment ranging from one week to two months of implementation. The economic impact study focused on construction and design companies and was conducted by CIFE on behalf of SMART Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SMT) (TSX: SMA), a leading provider of collaboration solutions. The study involved 54 participants, which included companies from the construction and design industry and students in the building information modeling (BIM) course at Stanford University. The Stanford study notes that the participating organizations experienced several benefits from using SMART solutions, including an estimated $3 million cost reduction for one of the general contractor companies and an estimated $300,000 savings for a design company.

“SMART collaboration solutions offer great benefits to architecture, engineering and construction organizations by allowing them to intuitively collaborate using common industry software applications, such as Computer-Aided Design and Building Information Modeling applications,” says Scott Brown, President, Enterprise, SMART Technologies. “The Stanford University research documents and quantifies these benefits to further demonstrate how SMART products help customers improve collaboration, increase productivity and efficiency, and experience cost savings.”

Points West Audio Visual is giving members of the Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Design industry in Kelowna an opportunity to learn firsthand about SMART collaboration solutions. On July 17th, they are hosting a SMART Design Review Showcase at Spider Agile Technologies (Dirtt Environmental Solutions) with representatives from SMART Technologies Inc. This event is geared towards using software such as Autodesk Navisworks, Tekla BIMSight, Autodesk Revit and Adobe illustrator, and is free to attend. Space is limited, so secure your spot by registering at .

About SMART Technologies

SMART Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of technology solutions that enable inspired collaboration in schools and workplaces around the world by turning group work into a highly interactive, engaging and productive experience. SMART delivers integrated solutions of hardware, software and services designed for superior performance and ease of use, and remains a world leader in interactive displays.

About Points West Audio Visual

Points West Audio Visual provides collaboration and presentation solutions to forward thinking educators and business professional. We have provided professional audio visual equipment to the schools, government and businesses of British Columbia for 20 years. Staying at the forefront with product knowledge, sales, training, design and installation of all our product lines is an integral part of what we do. Many lines are well represented from SMART Interactive White Boards and accessories, LifeSize HD Video Conferencing systems, NEC displays and projectors, Chief mounts and audio visual carts, and a variety of sound systems, microphones, projector screens, projector lamps, visual presenters, and commercial grade plasmas and LCD displays. Our service and support extends to our customers throughout BC, Yukon and the Northwest Territories.


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Points West Audio Visual Contact:
Tracey Cochrane
Ph: 250-861-5424




Point’s West Audio Visual – Design Review Showcase

I am excited to be the event coordinator working on this project! A technology showcase that will highlight SMART Boards hosted by Points West Audio Visual.  Not only is the product tres cool, but we’ve found the perfect location…Spider Agile/Dirtt Technologies.  Not only were they kind enough to donate the space, but they have a great office; walk-in wine fridge, gym, cafeteria.

Are you in the architectural, engineer, construction or design industry? This SMART Event is geared to you!



Why should your business have a Facebook Page?

  1. Because of the reach Facebook has…there are over 1 Billion users on Facebook worldwide (17 M in Canada alone-About 63 per cent of social media users say they read Facebook posts, tweets and/or LinkedIn updates every single day. Facebook remains far and away the most popular social network. About 63 per cent of surveyed Internet users and 93 per cent of social media users said they’re on Facebook.
  2. It gives you the opportunity to engage with your clients…people buy from who they know…by engaging your audience you allow your customers to get to know you better.  Studies have shown that you need to interact with a potential client at least 7 times before they buy, this allows you to interact with them several times during the buying cycle. But remember to keep the tone relatively casual and helpful, try not to sell all the time.
  3. It helps with your Search Engine Optimization…Facebook Pages are indexed by search engines.  Comments, Likes, Sharing and Fan numbers are all value indicators and help your page rank well with search engines.  Facebook Pages also allow you to drive traffic to your website, by sharing information that you have there.
  4. Facebook is much more targeted…Facebook allows you to run ad programs that are more targeted than on any other platform.  Facebook Ads let you target…your existing customers, their friends, and/or potential customers by age, gender, location.
  5. It is well suited for mobile technology…Facebook has one of the most user friendly applications on mobile, and over 20% of mobile traffic last year was on Facebook.  Also, mobile phones have a lower barrier to entry than full size computers.
  6. It adds to your online credibility…Facebook business pages are fast becoming a credibility standard for online presence.  Your potential clients expect a credible business to have a Facebook presence, as much as they expect you to have a website.

Facebook Timeline, Pages & Groups…what’s the Diff?

Social Media is becoming more complex, and requires some understanding of the different aspects and how it can be best used for your business.

As many people know, there are several ways to have a presence on Facebook.  But deciding which one is often the question.  Do you use a person, page, or group?  And what’s the diff?

1. Personal Timeline

When you sign up for Facebook, you are signed up as a person.  These personal profiles (Timelines) are to be used for individuals only.  You have a larger amount of privacy options, and you request people to be your “friend”. You update your profile with personal contact info, work info, likes, photos, etc.  As a person, you can send messages to one or many people from your mailbox, you can also chat instantly with your online friends.

The disadvantage to using a personal profile (Timeline) for your business versus a page is that you need to request people to be your friend.  And this allows you access to a lot more of their personal information.  Most people are aware of this and are not comfortable sharing this with a business.

2. Business Page

A Facebook Page allows organizations, businesses, celebrities and brands to communicate with their fans.  Limitations on a Page, is that you are unable to send personal messages from your business.  However, your profile is public and anyone can “like” your page.  People who “like” your page are called Fans.  When you post messages on your wall, your fans will receive the messages on their news feed.  You can create a customizable Facebook URL in order to share your page on your website.  You can also decide if you would like your fans to have the ability to post messages and photos on your wall, but remember Social Media is about being social.  So interaction and conversation is an important part of engaging your fans.

3. Group

Small amounts of people with common interests should use a Facebook Group.  You need to request from the administrator if you can join and become a meber. But once approved you have the ability to post and remove pictures, add documents and invite other friends.  Every time someone posts on the wall, members will be notified of this. However, Facebook Group’s are not searchable on search engines and you are unable to recommend them to your friends, which isn’t very good for promoting a business/brand.

A quick rundown on the different ways a person/business/group can have a presence on Facebook.  And the reasons on using the appropriate Facebook tool. Facebook has thought out these different tools quite well, so why not use them as they were intended?


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